Időpont: 2021/02/02-2021/02/03

Helyszín: Helyszín

Szervező: PFP – Portuguese Railway Cluster Platform Association



As it happens annually, PFP – Portuguese Railway Platform Association, performs its event “PORTUGUESE RAILWAY SUMMIT” on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2021, aiming to discuss ideas, exchange experiences and new visions of innovation for the entire Railway Sector, which due to the pandemic situation, will be exclusively a virtual event.

This year will have a special relevance, as it will take place on the EUROPEAN YEAR OF RAIL with great expectation on the announced investments and EU directives for the future development of the Railway in Europe.

Four thematic modules will be presented on the 2 days event: panels on „National / International Investments”, followed by “Ecosystems” and “Technological Challenges”, on the 1st day, and Forums on “International Railway Clusters” and “The Future of the Railways”, on the 2nd day. During the whole event you can visit the Digital Exhibition and set up B2B meetings.

The PORTUGUESE RAILWAY SUMMIT will be a forum for discussion of current trends of Railway sector such as the topics presented as the challenges for the mobility of 2030, defined by ERRAC, and the Rail Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA): Digitalization, Automation, New Mobility Solutions, Greener and Sustainable Mobility.

We are looking forward to your participation in the event.




PFP is the Portuguese Railway Platform Association, created on 23rd July 2015 and recognized as Portuguese Railway Cluster in 2017, brings today together more than 60 members distributed by large companies (public and private), small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), Universities, R&D institutes, operators and other business associations.

The Portuguese railway value chain represents 8,7 Billion euros on business volume, more than 64.000 people as work force and more than 24.000 SME’s.

With the Vision of “bringing together all Portuguese Railway stakeholder to promote Portugal as an Innovative Country on Railway Industry”, PFP Mission is:

  • Contribute actively to strengthening cooperation between all actors in the railway sector;
  • Develop a shared vision and a common strategy for the planning of railway research, innovation and business contributing to the definition of railways development policies;
  • Act in an inclusive, transparent manner and in close collaboration with the authorities for the transport sector;
  • Promote joint research, development and innovation (IDI) initiatives and projects and optimize the potential for research and innovation; • Foster the development of new businesses in the railway area;
  • Contribute decisively to the internationalization of the Portuguese railway sector.

If you share this mission principles, and believe on a green, safe and innovative way for transportation, joint us !


For any inquiries, please contact:

PFP – Portuguese Railway Cluster Platform Association

Rua Dr. Deniz Jacinto 270, 4350-059 Porto, PORTUGAL EU

Telephone: +351 223190546