Kezdőlap 9 Esemény 9 European Transport congress & 90th anniversary of ÖVG

European Transport congress & 90th anniversary of ÖVG

Időpont: 2016/06/16-2016/06/17

Helyszín: A-1020 Wien, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Raiffeisen-Platz 1

Szervező: Austrian Society of Traffic and Transport Science


2016. június 16. (csütörtök) egésznap

08.30 Registration
09.30 Introduction & Moderation
Dipl. Ing. Peter KLUGAR, ÖVG President Opening lectures Digitalization – challenges for European Transport Violeta BULC, MSc, MBA, EU-Commissioner for Transport (invited) Perspectives of Austrian transport policy Mag. Gerald KLUG, Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology(invited)
10.40 Coffee break
11.10 Mobility 6.0 – Start thinking about the future
Prof. Anton ZEILINGER, President of Austrian Academy of Science
11.45 Keynote
Prof. Roland BENEDIKTER, Stanford University, USA
12.35 Human factors in the automated traffic
Prof. Bernhard SCHLAG, University of Technology Dresden
13.10 Lunchbreak
14.15 Transport infrastructure requirements for mobility 4.0
Ing. Mag. (FH) Andreas MATTHÄ, CEO ÖBB Infrastructure Dr. Klaus SCHIERHACKL, CEO ASFINAG
14.50 Digital infrastructures – opportunities for mobility 4.0
Prof. Michael SCHENK, Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation, IFF
15.25 Industry and mobility 4.0
Dr. Kari KAPSCH, COO Kapsch AG
16.00 Coffee break
16.30 Discussion forum Mobility 4.1 – Quo Vadis Digitalization?
Moderation: Prof. Sebastian KUMMER Dr. Wolfgang RÖSS, Siemens Dipl.-Ing. Stefan WALTER, Graz University of Technology, Young ÖVG Prof. Markus MAILER, University Innsbruck Prof. Dr. Matthias GATHER, FH Erfurt
17.45 Award Ceremonies
Moderation: Prof. Peter FALLER and Dipl. Ing. Sebastian BELZ, GS EPTS − European Friedrich List Award of EPTS − Peter Faller Young Conveyor Prize of ÖVG
18.15 end of convention
19.30 90th anniversary ÖVG, Gala Evening
Vienna City Hall, Coat of Arms Hall − Official Speech: Dr. Csaba SZÉKELY, Prof. Peter FALLER − Handover of the Kongress Flag to the Hungarian Society of Traffic and Transport Science

2016. június 17. (péntek) délelőtt

9.00 SciNet Science Forum
Presentations of the award winners Presentations of young scientists and engineers
12.00 End of Science Forum
9.30 Guided city tour for conference participants
Start of the tour duration app. 2,5 hours attendance fee € 15.-
13.00 Excursions
Start oft the excursions Excursion 1: ÖBB Traffic Control Centre or Excursion 2: ASFINAG Traffic Control Centre duration app. 2 hours

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