Kérdőív - Quality of Service and user Quality of Experience

In these troublesome times, we hope that this message finds you well. Let us introduce ourselves briefly and let you know why we are reaching to you. We are a group of scientists from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia. Our main field of study is Quality of Service and user Quality of Experience. Since the beginning of this COVID-19 crisis, we were thinking about investigating the quality of videoconferencing applications and online meeting sessions in which you are probably taking part frequently in the last couple of weeks or so.


To this end, we have prepared a short questionnaire on these topics because we want to know your opinions and learn about your experience with the online meetings. The survey is anonymous, and it takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Please be aware that you and the questionnaire you will complete will be a tremendous help to us. The work of all scientists depends on the data, so you are in our focus, we want you to participate.


Finally, note that we are not financed or sponsored by any company or business subject nor we plan to sell the collected data or research results. We are doing this survey only to learn from your input and the input of other cool people like you. After we go through that learning curve, we plan to publish the obtained results publicly.


So go ahead, be brave, follow this link, and complete our short questionnaire. Also, we ask you to share the link among your contacts. Help us collect as many answers as possible.


Please feel free to forward this survey to your connections.

 Thanks in advance!

 Kind regards,

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences

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